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Commercial Mobile Video Technologies of Canada2018 finds us opening a new office in Alberta and Saskatchwan under the banner of

Commercial Mobile Video Technologies of Canada

Built for Canada, Dedicated to Canada

MJG Tecnologias
MJG Technologies
has spent over 15 years in mobile video products and services development, prototyping, testing and manufacturing. We supply customers and distributors across Canada, USA and now Mexico with our specialty mobile video technologies and programs. We design and develop specialty industrial quality mobile video system for commercial installations with full support and IVMS CSS Secure remote access.

We Now Introduce our NEW Authentic AHD & POE IP Mobile Video Technologies and Programs to Customers, Associates & Distributors across Canada.
Designer, Developer, Manufacturer & Supplier of Premium AHD Mobile Video Technologies from Canada.

Developer and Patent holder for CrossSafe, School Bus Stop Bus Drive By Cameras.

We now Introduce our NEW AHD Mobile Video Technologies and Program for all Mobile Applications across Canada. We are the National Developer of the Certified Mobile Video Systems Installations, Training & Inspections programs.

Patents, Industrial Protections, Copyrights, Trademarks & Publications in the field of technology development, production and testing.Canadian Flag Full Biography is Available on request.
Managed locally in central Canada, our Support, Management and Administration team keep the operation running smooth and efficient with the administration and implementation of our policies and procedures on a daily basis. We are passionate about our technologies and running an ethical business.
Certified Installations are available from Outsourced Certified MJG Technologies Mobile Video Systems Installers. Our DIY kits include Installation Cheat Sheet and we can provide Electrical and Interior Trim Removal Links Specific to your Vehicle(s).
System Prep and Pre-Configuration is Performed Internally to Strict Configuration Standards.
Our Mission: To Supply Premium Mobile Video Technologies, Services and Solutions in an Ethical, Productive and Cost Effective Manner. To Ensure our Clients Receive Maximum Value from our Company.
Our Vision: To Become the Full Service Supplier of Quality HD Mobile Video Technologies and Services Across Canada.
Our Values: To Remain Ethical, Professional and Efficient.
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MJG Technologies Staff & Program Associates;

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